Our next open house is on TBA - they will continue to be on the 2nd Sunday of each month through November (weather permitting). Please call the office to make an appointment to view available units.


As you look through the available membership units, and you would like to see some of
them in person, please call the office at: 574-233-9454 and schedule an appointment for viewing.

Once you have decided on your next new home, an Application Packet will be given to
you to fill out. Here is a sample of what it looks like:

Then, the Fair Credit Reporting Act form needs to be filled out.

If you will be living alone, these are the only forms to complete.

If you are going to have a partner/spouse or another person living with you, please fill
out the form entitled, “Application for Non-Member Approved Resident Status” that can
also be found in the Application Packet. The Fair Credit Reporting Act form for non-
members also needs to be filled out by the non-member applicant.

Once your forms are filled out, please take the “check-off” sheet from the left side of the packet and gather the information requested. Remember, we need two years of tax
forms and W-2’s if you are working and two years of Social Security Statements if
drawing Social Security benefits. Any MONTHLY direct deposit amounts, dividends or
proceeds from IRA’s, etc., needs to be shown on bank statements and provided for

Once you have all the required documents, return them to the office for Board of
Directors review. After the approval process, you will be asked to attend a Board
Meeting to meet the Board and be welcomed to the community.

A closing date will be set and you will be a member of Walnut Grove Mutual Housing
Association, Inc. with all the benefits and privileges that go with the membership.

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