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Welcome to Walnut Grove Mutual Housing Association!

We are an active 55+ community and love to spend time together! Historically established in 1942 we strive to keep our community strong!

Where you grew up, went to school and worked helped make you the person you are today. The same is true for your retirement years! Where you choose to live now will determine how well you live in the future. We are a community all striving to live our happiest life!



We believe that a strong community is the backbone to healthy living! Our Board of Directors are active and they strive to keep Walnut Grove a home to be proud of! We have annual events including holiday parties,social events and yard sales! We also enjoy more frequent activities led by our social committee!

If you’re looking for a great peaceful place with awesome neighbors and an even better community, then welcome home!



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Walnut Grove is a 55+ not-for-profit Indiana Association Corporation. As a 55+ community, we are allowed to have 20% of our Member(s) under the age of 55. Minimum age requirement is 30. A Board of Directors operates the Association, and all Members of the Board are residents of Walnut Grove. The Association employs a General Manager, office coordinator, and maintenance staff as deemed necessary. The Association owns the land and all buildings housing and serving the Members. The costs associated with operating and maintaining the Association such as paying taxes and insurance, wages and maintenance materials come from monthly maintenance fees paid by the Members.

The amount of the monthly maintenance fee is determined by the size (square footage) of the unit. There are 247 housing units in Walnut Grove. In order to live in Walnut Grove, you must first become a Member of the Association. To become a Member, an Application for Membership must be completed. Applicants should have two (2) years of full time current employment income based on the number of occupants who would be approved to live in the Unit. There is a non- refundable $50 application fee to cover expenses associated with processing the Application.

The application process begins when an agreement to purchase a Membership Contract has been reached between the applicant and the current Member of Walnut Grove. The value of the Membership Contract is determined by the seller of the Membership and is not decided by the Association.  A mortgage cannot be taken out to purchase a Membership as the Applicant is not buying real estate.  The Membership Contract does not include real estate or other tangible property. No deed or title will be issued. The Membership Contract allows the new Member to live in the unit associated with that particular Contract, with the rights of perpetual use.

All Walnut Grove Units are single family units.  Only the Member and Approved Residents can occupy a unit.  The Association must approve ALL upgrades, alterations or additions to the unit or grounds surrounding the unit.

Two (2) pets are allowed. The Member must follow South Bend’s animal control guidelines concerning pets. The Association has the authority to direct the Member to permanently remove any pet from Walnut Grove that is deemed to be a nuisance or threat.

The Member is responsible for electric service, gas service, water service, telephone, cable  TV, and any interior decorating and appliances. The Member must contact the utility companies to make necessary changes. Trash removal is provided by Walnut Grove. Curbside recycling is provided. The Association does not provide lawn care, snow removal or janitorial service. The Member is responsible for maintaining the lawn, driveway and sidewalk associated w­­ith the unit, as well as for shoveling their driveways/sidewalks in winter.  Snow plowing service for the cul-de-sacs is provided by the Association when there is 3” of accumulation or more, but does not include sidewalks or driveways.

It is the responsibility of the Association to repair or replace items such as the furnace, hot water heater, electrical system, plumbing system, exterior siding and roof of the unit in accordance with existing policies. The Association is NOT responsible for: Window replacements/repairs; air conditioning units; central air conditioning systems; water conditioning equipment; humidifiers or dehumidifiers; garbage disposals or appliances of any type. Any new cement driveway is the responsibility of the Member.

For more information, please call the office at 574-233-9454 from 9 am to 2 pm.



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